MEVRIN 135 (Mebeverine HCl)


PRESENTATION: Tab 135 mg x 4O's.
ACTIONS: Mevrin 135 has a strong spasmolytic activity of the musculotropic type with a potent and selective action on the Gl spasms especially those of colon.
INDICATIONS: Functional Spasms of Colon: lrritable colon syndrome. primary form. lrritable colon after organic affections of GIT e.g., diverticulosis and diverticulitis of colon, regional enterocolitis, disorders of the gallbladder, biliary duct disturbances (biliary dyskinesia), duodenal ulcer and round ulcer, dysentery (especially that of anamnesis) and specific and nonspecific inflammation of the GlT.
DOSAGE & ADMINISTRAT|ON: 1 tab (135 mg) 3 times daily, preferably 20 min before meals. When the desired effect is reached, the dosage can be reduced progressively after a few weeks.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: No contraindications have been reported. Mevrin '135 does not provoke any atropinic effect and for this reason is not contraindicated in patients with glaucoma or prostatic hypertrophy.
SIDE EFFECTS: In therapeutic doses, Mevrin 135 does not provoke any side effect.